How do I get access to the File?

We will provide the access of Decoded file through Email or Directly in Whatsapp.

Do i get Instant Access?

Yes its instant when we are live in Whatsapp. If not online, will take 2 – 3 hours to provide.

Which Files can be decoded?

Any Php Files can be decoded.

Do You offer Refund?

We first check if the file can be decoded, once we confirm it, we will provide the file or we simply will not charge.

What Decoder can be decrypted?

Any Version of Ioncube, Sourceguardian, php_shadow , phpshadow.com , InstaWebV5.8.1.php , InstaWebV6.0.php , InstaBOM.php , InstaBOOM.php , sorunsuzscript.com.php , ministra IPTV , Stalker Panel , stb.class.php

Payment Options

We accept Paypal, Bitcoin, Payoneer(Manaully) ,Credit Card, Debit Card only.